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My About page was getting quite long, so I decided to move it here and just summarise it there!

I have come from a multi stringed career history as a daughter of Dutch immigrants who moved to New Zealand after ww2, and then moving to Australia in 1989.

My first job was after school working in a picture framing business in my home town of Tawa, New Zealand. Then, after gaining UE in the 6th form I grew tired of school so applied to join the Royal New Zealand Airforce. Whilst waiting for the application process to go through I left school and worked in a Bank for a month or so (highly recommend this – you learn quite quickly about the banking system). I then joined the RNZAF which was my first taste of adulthood and was a lot of fun. I joined up in Administration, which was basically HR, and that taught me how much other people appreciate you looking after their paperwork!

I left the airforce as there was something missing in my job, married and moved to Auckland, where I stretched my fledgling techy wings and became a System Administrator for an international company, Lloyd’s Register. My then husband wanted to move to Australia to further his career and of course I went with him.

I stayed in the IT field for a couple of decades and learned a lot about database administration, analysis and programming. Working in the IT department of a hardware company (Digital – Compaq- HP) was very enlightening about the world of the web.

When I met my new husband (on RSVP no less) I then left HP and worked from home, in my own business, which I still do today, although what I do has changed in the past twenty years!

As part of his business we started accumulating machines to make our lives easier, and with each one (laser and vinyl cutter) I have asked: “what else can this thing do”. This curiosity has led to me branching out, first into signage and then into laser engraving and cutting.

Now, we both work in our own businesses, with a little bit of overlap, and share the shop premises, which works for us quite well.

After a few years I outgrew the vinyl cutter, and while I still have it and it works well, I also wanted to print vinyl, not just cut it. This led to the printing business taking off. I wanted to do more, so I then bought a sublimation printer and then a laser that prints colour and white, so I could then start creating mugs, teeshirts, and other interesting things.

Finally, in the past few years, I have also purchased a jewellery engraving machine, as the laser couldn’t mark metal (only wood, acrylic and glass) and this has been a very useful addition, as they all have, to our business.

For my next feather in my bow I have started learning resin work, however, that is still in the infancy stage – more on that when I become proficient in what I plan to do.

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